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whipples asked: I think you should compile all your best stories and create a book because I would buy them and give them as gifts this chrismas.

Thanks!  I’m actually working on that right now, which explains why I haven’t posted as much.  Sorry!  But I promise I’ll keep it up.  It means a lot that you read it and so I want this book try to be good and include all new stuff.  Also, I emailed this guy about illustrating it, but he hasn’t gotten back to me.  I hope he’s okay, but to be honest, he’s pretty wild.

Also: The back cover is going to have a pull-tab dinosaur and if you choose to participate by pulling the tab, it moves the dinosaur into foliage.  

  1. misterhippity said: The pull-tab dinosaur is a good idea!
  2. feelingswithbrandy said: Sweet jesus, YES.
  3. tmills said: Feel free to email me about illustrating it too!
  4. whipples said: Thank the gods.
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